"Splashway is the Perfect Place to Have Fun with Your Family" from the Texas Diaries

I remember when my grandpa and grandma went up to Sheridan to cut grass and told us that they were building a waterpark and showed us a brochure. We couldn’t wait for it to open.  Our first time going was so nice because we were able to bring in our own food and drinks and my mom always packs for an army (she still does).  The lazy river was so relaxing, there were only 2 slides (the red and blue tunnel), the children’s play area was the mushroom and small slide where the mushroom is located, and the wave pool was the section in front of where the DJ use to play. We enjoyed going there all the time and would make many trips throughout the summer. We always had so much fun.

Throughout the years we have had the pleasure of watching the waterpark grow into what it is today. Now I have my own family and I get to enjoy the waterpark with my husband and three beautiful kids. We have been taking our kids there since they each were 1 year old, and they absolutely enjoy it. Our oldest daughter is 8 years old and she always wants her birthday there. There are so many different areas of the waterpark that you will never get bored. They have a large wave pool, multiple slides for kids and adults, toddler section that has lounge chairs and a lazy river. Ray also comes out and takes pictures with the kids and does the cupid shuffle with them and some of the employees.

There are a couple of things that make Splashway unique. One, they are faith-based. On Sunday they don’t open until noon, which allows employees to attend church. The employees do prayer before their shift as a team (get in the park a little early and you will see). Christian music is played all day and they offer Church and Bible School for campers at 10:30 a.m. by the stage. Next, they support their troops. Every time they are open at 1 p.m. they ask everyone to stand, remove their hats and face the flag for the National Anthem. They are appreciative of everyone who has served or is serving our country. My husband is a Veteran so he is very appreciative that they take the time to do that.

Needless to say, Splashway is the perfect place to have fun with your family. Being season pass holders for many years now, we have never wanted to go to another establishment because, here, you’re family. 

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