Road Trip Games

“Are we there yet?” “Are we there yet?” Hearing this may be all too familiar for you during your family road trips. What happened to relaxing drives? Why can’t everyone just take a nap? Today, technology works wonders for keeping kids occupied, but sometimes there’s nothing better than some good old-fashioned road trip games.

We’ve put together a list of family-approved car ride games to keep everyone entertained and happy on the ride both to and from your day (or stay) at Splashway. Because what’s supposed to be a relaxing and fun-filled family vacation shouldn’t be ruined by a car trip!

Try some of these games with your family during your next trip to Splashway and let us know what you think!

1. The Alphabet GameAlphabet Game Sign

This one’s always a hit with my family! It’s so simple: your family works together to find signs that start with each letter of the alphabet (in order!) from A to Z. It can be fun to get competitive and see who can find each letter first! This game is perfect for all ages, especially little ones who are learning the alphabet!

2. “I’m going on a picnic…”

This game is similar to the alphabet game, but with a twist. You have to have a great memory! The first player starts by saying “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing…” followed by an item that starts with the letter A (apples, almonds, etc.). The second person will follow by saying “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing (the “a” item) and…” followed by an item that starts with B. The game continues like this until you reach Z (if your memory lasts that long!).

3. Road Trip BingoSplashway Road Trip Bingo

Download this free printable we made! Just spot the items on the Bingo card to win (unless you’re the one driving of course). Ways to win: vertical row, horizontal row, diagonally, outside corners; or play until you make an X or even black out the whole card! 

4. Over the Rainbow

This one is also similar to the alphabet game, but with colors. Players take turns to spot 10 red items, 10 orange items, 10 yellow items, and so on until you get through the whole rainbow. Don’t forget to include black and brown if you want the game to last longer!

5. Two Truths and a Lie

For this game, each player in the car takes turns saying three things about themselves, with one catch: one thing must be a lie. The other players must guess which of the three is the lie. This can be a fun challenge for families who know each other well, but is great for families bringing guests or multiple families in one car to get to know each other even better!

6.  Once Upon a Time…

This game can have some wild results! The first player says “once upon a time…” and each player in the car takes turns adding to the story. You and your family can choose how much each player will add; one word, one sentence, etc. Have someone write down the story as it’s being told to re-tell and share some laughs later!

7. Would You Rather?

This classic game can end in fits of giggles. Players take turns giving the other players two options, and everyone chooses which they would rather have. Players can choose between two evils, or two good things! Some examples: Would you rather…get to eat pancakes for every meal, or have an endless supply of candy? Eat spinach for the rest of your life (gross!) or broccoli? Get to eat lunch with Ray, or Mono the Monkey? 

8.  Virtual Hide and Seek

Don’t let being stuck in a tiny car hold you back from playing hide and seek! This game is just like real Hide and Seek, but it’s all in your head! The hiders will simply imagine themselves hiding somewhere in the house. And since you don’t actually have to fit in that spot, you can get more creative than with traditional Hide and Seek! Hide in the washing machine, in the sock drawer, or the air vent! The seeker will then describe him or herself walking around the house. “I’m walking in the front door, and into the kitchen… I’m looking in the pantry, opening all the drawers…” The hiders can give hints and tell the seeker if they are getting warmer or colder, until they are found!


We hope you enjoy these game ideas on your trips to and from Splashway! Be sure to take pictures while you play and tag us in your social media posts using #swaywithray!

By: Kristen Henke

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