Family Member Spotlights

We truly are a family here at Splashway.

Each employee is referred to as a Family Member, and each Family Member works hard throughout both the summer and the off-season to create “an experience worth coming back for” for each and every guest. Regardless of which team they are on (lifeguards, guest service, cashiers, food service, maintenance, reservationists, campgrounds, or supervisors), they all play a vital role in the Splashway Family. This post is meant to bring awareness to their hard work and dedication, to appreciate them for all they do, and to help our guests get to know them on a more personal level.

Every Friday is #familymemberfriday! Check back each Friday to see a new Family Member spotlight.

Friday, August 19th: Meet Zaida Gonzalez! Zaida Family Member Spotlight

At 16 years old, this is Zaida’s second year as a part of the Cashier Team at Splashway. As a Cashier, she is often the first face guests see when they enter the waterpark to purchase their tickets, so she knows her position is important. Aside from admissions, Zaida is also a vital family member when it comes to Ray’s and Mono’s Cafes and the gift shop. She helps make sure guests have smooth experiences anytime a transaction is involved. 

Zaida says her favorite parts about being a Splashway Family Member are her managers, her coworkers, and the customers. She enjoys working with her managers because she says they’re very understanding, and she says of her coworkers, “we help each other out,” like a true Family. 

And one of those managers to which she referred, Sandra, says Zaida constantly leads by example. “We can always count on her, and she’s a team player who’s willing to do anything we ask.” 


Friday, August 12th: Meet Simon Loos! Simon Member Spotlight

Simon is 18 years old, and is a member of THREE Teams at Splashway: the Leader Team, the Zipline Team, and the Campground Team.  His well-deserved Leadership position as Guest Service Manager has allowed him to help oversee important aspects of maintaining the park, guest experiences, and motivating his team. Simon says he enjoys being a Leader because he is proud to be someone who other people can look up to. 

Simon says he loves working at Splashway because he likes his coworkers and getting to meet new guests everyday. And there is never a dull moment when you’re part of the Campground Team; he says he loves getting “down and dirty” when he gets to help out there.

One of his fellow Guest Service Managers, Trey, says he enjoys working with Simon because his energy keeps everyone excited throughout the day. “He’s a speedy worker and gets everything done right away, or already have it done before you even ask.” 


Friday, August 5th: Meet Kristin Popp!

Kristin Popp Family Member Spotlight
Kristin is 19 years old, and this is her fifth year as a Splashway Family Member. Kristin has been a part of multiple teams here, but most recently she has been vital to the Reservationist Team, answering phone calls and making sure guests successfully organize their day (or stay) at Splashway.

Kristin says she loves interacting with guests over the phone and hearing their excitement as they plan their trips. She says, “It’s the highlight of my work experience.” And when they get here, Kristin says, “I love seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces every day.”   

Kristin’s managers love having her on their team. Sarah, the Reservations Manager, said “Kristin is always the happiest person in the room and always has a smile on her face. She is very dedicated, hard-working, and wants guests to have the best experience possible.” One of the Directors at Splashway even said she wishes we could clone Kristin to employ more of her! 


Friday, July 29th: Meet Katie Macek! 

After being a part of the Cashier Team here at Splashway for one year, Katie Macek Family Member Spotlight
Katie has enjoyed being a Lifeguard this year. As one of the many Lifeguards, Katie helps ensure the safety of each and every guest at Splashway so they can fully enjoy their day knowing they are in a safe environment.

Katie feels fortunate to work at Splashway, saying it’s a good place to work. She really enjoys getting to work close with the guests. “They’re from so many cool places in Texas and it’s fun to interact with them and find out where they come from.”  

Her Head Guards and Lifeguard Supervisors have nothing but positive words to say about her. One Head Guard said, “Katie has a great spirit and has been a blessing this year. She is a great guard here and I hope to have her on my team for many more years.” Her Supervisor said, “you can always find Katie focused and giving it 110% on the stand, always with a smile on her face. 


Friday, July 22nd: Meet Lesley Stepanek! 

Lesley is a member of our Food Service Team here at Splashway, and at Lesley Stepanek Family Member Spotlight
22 years old, this is her third year as a Splashway Family Member. As a Food Service Team Member, she ensures the guests’ orders at both Ray’s and Mono’s Cafes are fulfilled quickly, carefully, and in a quality clean environment.  

Lesley looks forward to coming to work every day. “I have nothing negative to say about my job. I love working here.” Though she doesn’t get the change to interact one-on-one with guests because she is constantly striving to serve them quality meals in the kitchen, she enjoys adding person touches to guests’ orders. One example? Putting smiley faces on their funnel cakes (using delicious whipped cream and chocolate drizzle)! 

The managers who help oversee the kitchen think highly of Lesley as well. In fact, she was recently promoted to Shift Leader. This means she directly assists the manager on duty with daily operations of both Ray’s and Mono’s Cafes. One of these managers said “she has constantly exceeded our expectations in her new position.” Another manager said, “you never have to ask her to do anything; everything you’d ask her to do is already done.” She is regarded as a great leader, and her coworkers are very proud to have her as a part of their Family. “She is one of the hardest working team members we have.” 


Friday, July 15th: Meet Larry Henderson!

Larry is 15 years old, and this is his very first summer as a Splashway Larry Henderson Spotlight
Family Member. He is on the Guest Service team, which works in the park to ensure cleanliness, smooth operations, and amazing guest experiences. Larry (a.k.a “Bubba,” as he is known by his friends) says he loves working at Splashway because he gets to meet awesome new friends. He loves meeting the guests, too. “I like to learn about the guests and bond with them, even though I might not see them again. I get to serve some pretty awesome people.” Oh, and he loves the ice cream here too (especially the Dippin’ Dots). 

His managers have kind words to say about him as well: “Larry is someone who holds a contagious smile on his face and is always ready and willing to do whatever it takes to guarantee the guests are having an experience worth coming back for. He is someone guests love to see, and fellow employees love to work with.” 


Friday, July 8th: Meet Braden Popp!Braden Popp Family Spotlight

Braden is 17 years old, and this is his third summer as a Splashway Family Member. He was initially a cashier for
 two years, and this year he is proud to be a member of the Lobby Team. He helps check guests in and makes sure they have a smooth start to their day. Braden says he loves working with his other Splashway Family Members. “They’re so fun to work with, and I have a lot of friends here.” He also said he likes making sure the guests have a great time at Splashway.

His managers enjoy having the opportunity to work with him as well. One manager said, “he’s always willing to help and do the hardest jobs.” 


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By: Kristen Henke